Expertise and Security

Criminality, terrorism, blackmailing or conflicts of interests, any of these circumstances might require a polygraph examination.

National Polygraph Services (NPS) was founded in Ottawa (Canada) in 2000.

Polygraphy test

We provide expert professional services to corporations, law enforcement and government agencies, the legal profession and the private sector.

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Training Services

We provide several types and levels of training, tailored to a particular client’s needs, in governmental, public or law enforcement sectors.

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Applications of Polygraphy

Polygraphy can be called upon as an additional tool in determining truthfulness in different contexts.


Homicide, Sexual abuse, Assault, Terrorism, Arson, Kidnapping, Robbery & theft, Insider trading, Threats or blackmail, Fraud, Breach of trust, etc.

Civil Code

Insurance fraud, Theft in the workplace, Information leak, Industrial espionage, Workplace dispute, Reliability issues, Conflicts of loyalty, Pre-employment.

Private Issues

Statement verification, Important declarations, Contracts or other agreements.


Hiring of the best available candidate(s), minimize the risk associated with the poor choice of a particular candidate, improve the quality of investigative work and security.

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Trainings, seminars and shared expertise

NPS can provide professional presentations with highly-informative content on all aspects of polygraphy, including the theoretical, legal and practical angles.

Such seminars can be especially useful to build a better, clearer understanding of the science behind the technique. We also offer more practical workshops for law-enforcement, insurance, corporate clients, aimed at specific uses in a practical context.

Training services

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