About us

Polygraphy, also known as the science of lie detection, is a practice which remains largely unfamiliar to the general public, even a touch mysterious.

Even today, our science continues to be subject to many preconceived ideas. But what is our true profession? And when do you make use of a polygraph examiner?

Criminality, terrorism, blackmailing or conflicts of interests, any of these circumstances might require a polygraph examination. NPS makes use of specialised polygraph software and decades of analytical expertise to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Our services are called upon by governmental agencies and the judiciary, as well as corporations, unions, associations or private individuals. To maintain the highest-possible level of expertise in this cutting-edge technology, we also offer training and seminars – both in conference and workshop settings, in North America and around the world.

Behind each of our activities, one fundamental goal remains: Working with you to establish the truth.

The Polygraph Examiner

Alain Turbide is chief polygraph examiner at NPS. A former Sergeant of the Behavioural Science Bureau, he has over 25 years experience as a police officer for the Sûreté du Québec.

A prominent member of the CAPP (Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists) and the AAPP (American Association of Police Polygraphists), he is also Senior Trainer at the APA (American Polygraphy Association).

Certified polygraph examiner by the Canadian Police College in 2003, he carried out more than 700 polygraph examinations for both judicial bodies and private individuals. He has also conducted more than 2000 quality control assessments of forensics, pre-employment and security clearance.

Alain Turbide is a highly respected figure of the police sector in Canada and internationally, a fully-fledged specialised skills trainer with an unsurpassed reputation of impartiality.

Curriculum Vitae (ENG) – Alain Turbide

Administrative Board

Our team is composed of experienced professional police force members and dedicated specialists.

Their mission consists in assisting the polygraph examiner to manage complex polygraphy cases.

Together, we elaborate the best possible strategy on the basis of our clients gathered facts. Our operational efficiency is adapted to any kind of polygraph proceedings. We are bound to professional secrecy and fully respect the confidentiality of every client’s case.