Training services

Training is one of our core skills. We provide several types and levels of training, tailored to a particular client’s needs, in governmental, public or law enforcement sectors.

Corporate/institutional training

NPS offers full-spectrum polygraphy training to dozens of corporate clients, in the context of law-enforcement, insurance and other highly-specific sectors, where facts and veracity are of utmost importance.

We can train your staff, heighten crucial detection skills and fine-tune perception in a number of key areas.

Our strong experience in the field of polygraphy ensures that you and your staff will receive the best possible training, in whatever area they are seeking improvement.

Seminars and shared expertise

NPS can provide professional presentations with highly-informative content on all aspects of polygraphy, including the theoretical, legal and practical angles.

Such seminars can be especially useful to build a better, clearer understanding of the science behind the technique.

We also offer more practical workshops for law-enforcement, insurance, corporate clients, aimed at specific uses in a practical context.