Polygraph tests

NATIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES provides expert professional services to corporations, law enforcement and government agencies, the legal profession and the private sector.

In either English or French, our specialised services aim to help in establishing the truthfulness of a person’s statements with regards to a specific issue, in public, private, domestic or criminal contexts.

We also focus on Pre-Employment Polygraph (PEP) for police agencies, government or private companies.


Polygraphy can be called upon as an additional tool in determining truthfulness in different contexts.

It is particularly valuable in circumstances dealing with:

  • Crime: Homicide, Sexual abuse, Assault, Terrorism, Arson, Kidnapping, Robbery & theft, Insider trading, Threats or blackmail, Fraud, Breach of trust, etc.
  • Civil Code: Insurance fraud, Theft in the workplace, Information leak, Industrial espionage, Workplace dispute, Reliability issues, Conflicts of loyalty, Pre-employment screening, etc.
  • Private Issues: Statement verification, Important declarations, Contracts or other agreements.
  • Pre-Employment: The use of polygraph testing in this context allows a company or organization to meet the following needs:
    – hiring of the best available candidate(s)
    – minimizing the risk(s) associated with the poor choice of a particular candidate
    – improving the quality of its investigative work and security


After a first contact, usually by telephone or through our site’s contact form, a meeting is arranged to discuss the particulars of a given situation.

Important details, background information and all confirmed facts are assembled, and a specific polygraphic procedure is selected to match the client’s particular situation. Full disclosure on the part of the client is crucial at this stage to ensure the most accurate results.

NPS then provides a detailed plan of its recommended services, in an effort to meet the client’s objectives, and sets a timeline. Polygraphy, investigation or analytical services are then arranged, and a first verbal report is provided to the client. A full written report then follows, within a time frame agreed upon by the client and a representative of NPS.

All information submitted by the client to NATIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES before, during and after polygraph services remains the sole property of the client. With the exception of an official court order, or through explicit, written consent by the client, no proprietary information will be disclosed by NPS to any party.

The polygraph examiner

Sergeant Alain Turbide

Canadian Police College
Polygraph Training Section

Behavioural Science Bureau
Polygraph Division
Sûreté du Québec

Canadian Police College
Forensic Interviewing Training Section
Course Coordinator/Facilitator/Instructor

Results and analysis

NATIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES uses an algorithm developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University along with state-of-the-art digital technology, to ensure the most accurate polygraphic examinations and test data analysis possible.

Our long experience at both the examination and the analytical level allows us a particularly high level of investigative accuracy.

We can also provide expert support in other investigative areas, with or without polygraphic input.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for details. We bring the same professional touch in many areas of conflict resolution, at both corporate and private levels.


To learn more about the rates for our services, both for polygraph examinations and training seminars, please use our Contact form.

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NATIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES also provides expert polygraphy consulting services.

With decades of experience to draw on, we offer cutting-edge professional support in multiple areas of investigation, from general security to pre-employment.